Choose your Tailor-Made or Self-Guided experiences to explore the island of Crete at your own pace. And get the Cretan Cookbook created by Taste the Local Crete to bring the real Cretan flavors of everyday life at your table.

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Self-Guided Itineraries


First-timer to Crete? Searching for original things to do in Crete and local places to go?

You're travelling to Crete and don't know where to begin? Feeling lost while searching for original things to do in Crete at your own pace and local places to go away from crowds? Crete is the largest island of Greece and having to travel long distances can be quite tricky. It takes time to explore each prefecture of the island to the full. The self-drive Cretan guides take care of all this aiming to provide adventurous and curious travelers with an off-the beaten track experience. No effort needed, no stress about anything, just choose your self-guided itineraries and start exploring at your own pace. Everything you need to know is just a click away! 

The self-drive Cretan guides lead you to experience the original Crete!

Discover little-known locations frequented by locals and taste the authentic Cretan cuisine. Visit favorite local restaurants in Rethymno (western Crete) and Lassithi (eastern Crete) following a farm-to-table philosophy through growing their own vegetables and collaboration with local producers. Choose below your Self-Guided Itinerary based on the regions that you want to visit in the island of Crete (Rethymno-western Crete or Lassithi-eastern Crete) and the duration of your trip (3-days Itinerary or 7-days Itinerary).

Tailor Made Food Experiences


Searching for local experiences to explore the real Cretan food?

Let’s create your tailor-made food itinerary together, based on your preferences! Get a complete food experience of your trip to Crete. Choose among different kinds of gastronomic experiences, such as tour & tasting experiences in small-scale organic local farms specializing in the production of premium Cretan products, cooking lessons, unique food & wine tasting experiences and local food & wine festivals.

Cretan food is a lot more than unique dishes and flavors. It's part of the culture and everyday life.

If you are starting from zero and have no idea where to begin then this 50-minute consultation is for you! After our call you will receive an entire food itinerary in writing with recommendations on local food experiences. Do you want us to prepare a Tailor-Made Itinerary for some special purpose? Perhaps a business trip for team-building activities? Contact us! Book Your 10' Free Consultation

The Cretan Cookbook


Want to taste the real Cretan cuisine?

Get the Cretan Cookbook and bring the real Cretan flavors at your table! Prepare 50+ easy, homemade recipes of the daily Cretan cuisine. Food in Crete is a lot more than unique dishes and flavors. It's part of the culture and everyday life. An important, rich part of Greek cuisine offering lots of food options for a vegetarian based diet as well. Learn how to cook the Cretan way from scratch. Cretan cooking is all about minimal cooking preparations, simple ingredients and distinct flavors.