Cook the Cretan way

Explore the real Cretan cuisine of everyday life. Learn how to cook original Cretan recipes from scratch.

Food in Crete is an integral part of social life. Prepare 50+ easy, tasteful recipes to share with your friends.

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What makes Cretan cuisine so special?

Minimal cooking preparations, distinct flavors and simple ingredients. 

Food in Crete is a lot more than unique dishes and flavors. It's part of the culture and everyday life.

An important, rich part of Greek cuisine offering lots of food options for a vegetarian based diet as well.

50+ simple Cretan recipes

Get the real daily Cretan cuisine at your table. Cook many different meals from the comfort of your home using the same basic ingredients.

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A selection of 50+ easy, homemade recipes of the daily Cretan cuisine. 

Subscribe to the waiting list and get 7 Cretan recipes for free!