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The company named “TASTE THE LOCAL CRETE” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, has created and manages this Website (hereinafter «taste the loca lcrete»).


You are kindly requested to carefully read the following terms of use.

These terms of use regulate the rights and obligations regarding the use of the website located at the e-mail address and constitute an agreement between the visitor/user (hereinafter “you” and/or “visitor/user”) and the Company. Browsing the website constitutes acceptance of the terms of use. This acceptance consists of the explicit, unconditional and irrevocable agreement to comply with these terms. If you disagree with any of the terms, you should stop browsing the website and maybe notify the Company. 

The Company reserves the right to add, modify and suspend (temporarily or permanently) any service provided or the entire website. We may modify at any time, without prior notice to you, these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and the services provided. Any modification will be effective from the moment it is posted on the website. We recommend that you regularly visit the section of the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy in order to be informed of all modifications that have been made. 

The Privacy Policy, the Cookies Policy and the Terms & Conditions of Transactions, which we kindly ask you to read, are an integral part of these Terms of Use.


Rules of Use of the Website

Navigation on the website should comply with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, national and supranational legislation.

When browsing our website, you should behave decently, courteously and discreetly, expressly prohibiting the adoption of unfair competition practices or other practices that are contrary to the Code of Behaviour on the Internet (Netiquette).

You may not use the Website for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

It is forbidden:

  • in any way publishing or sending by private message information, audiovisual material, text, a link to another website or in general a file readable/executable from a computer or other electronic device, with content that is illegal, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, libellous, disturbing, harmful to minors or expressing national, racial or other discrimination;
  • sending in any way information, audiovisual material, text, a link to another link or, in general, a file readable/executable from a computer or other electronic device, containing any virus, malware, pop-ups and spam that may cause either temporary or permanent damage/malfunction of any computer equipment (hardware and software) and electronic devices in general or delays, interference and interruptions in the operation of servers or any telecommunication network;
  • ακόμη και η προσπάθεια αντιγραφής, τροποποίησης, αναπαραγωγής, δημιουργίας παράγωγων έργων, προγραμμάτων framing ή mirroring, αναδημοσίευσης, λήψης, απεικόνισης, μετάδοσης ή διανομής του συνόλου ή μέρους των παρεχόμενων από ή μέσω του Ιστοτόπου υπηρεσιών, σε οποιοδήποτε μέσο μαζικής ενημέρωσης και με οποιονδήποτε τρόπο.
  • using any robot, spider, web search or retrieval application or any other device for copying, retrieval, archiving or indexing for any part of the Site that requires authentication or is disabled.

We expressly state that webharvesting is not permitted.

Limitation of Liability 

By accessing this Website, you accept that your navigation and use of this Website is at your own risk. The parties involved in the creation, production or publication of this Website bear no liability whatsoever. Indicatively but not limited, the Company shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused by browsing this Website or from downloading any material, text, data, etc. from this Website, including but not limited to, anything that may be caused by any virus, Trojan horses, bug, human action or failure to act, by any computer system, telephone line, hardware, software or program malfunction or any other error, omission or delay in transmission from the computer or network connection.

All the necessary organisational and security measures are taken and the most appropriate technical mechanisms for the protection of content are applied, in order to provide the safest possible environment for users, pursuant to the relevant legislative provisions. However, it is always possible that errors/malfunctions/interruptions may occur in the contents of the website and/or that viruses or other malware may appear either on the website or on its server.

There is no guarantee on the part of the Company that any other linked website or the servers through which it is made available, are provided to you free of viruses or other harmful components. Therefore, no claim of financial or other nature can be made to remedy any damage resulting from the above reasons, and the cost is, in any case, the sole responsibility of the visitor/user. Your interaction in any way with other websites and Internet services is at your sole and absolute discretion and at your own risk and in no way the responsibility of the Company.

Purchase of the Company’s digital products: 

All digital products (self-guided itineraries and Cretan Cookbook) offered by Taste the Local Crete are final sale and no refunds will be issued. 

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The entire content of this Website, including, but not limited to, documents, texts, names, trademarks, logos, domain names, software, graphics, illustrations, photographs, images, video or audio files, constitutes intellectual and industrial property of the Company from the moment of its publication on the Internet and therefore enjoys the protection of the relevant provisions of Greek and European law as well as international conventions. 

It is expressly prohibited to reproduce, retransmit, republish, download screenshots, copy, store, sell, rent, lease, transfer, assignment, grant (with or without consideration), commercial exploitation, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, download, translation, modification in any way or means, in part or in whole, without the prior express consent of the Company. The user/visitor accepts that anything contained in the pages of this Website is a registered trademark or product of intellectual and industrial property of the Company or third parties (used under license) and therefore unauthorized use may result in legal penalties.

Exceptionally, it is allowed the individual storage of a copy of part of the content of the Website on a personal computer, exclusively for personal – private use, without deletion or alteration of the indication of origin, provided that this action does not infringe the intellectual and industrial property rights and exclusive exploitation of the Company or third parties.

Links from and to other Websites 

The use of appropriate links within the website makes it possible to access third party websites. These links have been added with the sole purpose of facilitating visitors during their browsing on the Internet. Each link leads to a different website; its browsing is subject to the terms of use of the specific website.

The Company is not responsible for the content and services of other websites to which it refers through links, hyperlinks or banners (including, without limitation, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+). The Company does not guarantee and cannot control the availability, content and personal data management policy of the linked website. Therefore, for any problem that may arise while visiting/using them, you should contact the websites that are solely responsible for the provision of services. Access using the links provided on each website is under the sole responsibility of the user.

Violation of the Terms of Use

You may not violate or attempt to violate the security of the Website.

In the event of a breach of these Terms, we may terminate your access, in whole or in part, to the Website, services or applications (including mobile applications) available or accessible through it. Violation of the above mentioned security rule could result in civil and/or criminal prosecution. The Company will fully cooperate with the authorities and comply with any court order to identify the offender.

You fully understand and accept that you have the sole responsibility to compensate the Company and its partners for any damage caused to the Company itself and its partners due to the illegal use of the Website.

Applicable Law & Dispute Resolution

It is our constant aim to resolve all disputes arising from the implementation of these terms of use amicably and out of court. For any dispute that may arise and will not be settled amicably, the Courts in Rethymnon have exclusive jurisdiction and the applicable law is the Greek law.


For any questions or comments regarding our Terms of Use above, as well as our practices, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@tastethelocalcrete.gr



Terms & Conditions of Transactions

  1. Application

1.1 This Agreement covers exclusively any sale of products within the Greek territory, through the website of the company “.Sofia Lantzanaki Taste the Local Crete” (hereinafter referred to as “Company”), located in Rethymno, Crete, subject exclusively to the specific terms and agreements. 

1.2. The use of the website for commercial purposes of third parties is prohibited.

1.3 The Company reserves the right at any time and without prior notification to remove and/or modify the e-shop, its terms of use and the terms of transactions.

1.4 Orders can be accepted in two (2) languages, Greek and English.

  1. Orders / Contract

2.1. Orders are sent in writing via the internet by filling in and sending the relevant Order Form available on the website. Your order is considered received by the “Company” as soon as payment has been approved/confirmed, at which point you will be notified of the relevant “Confirmation of Order Entry”. You must check the Registration Confirmation and immediately notify the “Company” in writing of any error; otherwise, the details set out in the Registration Confirmation will be applied to this Agreement.

  1. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

All transactions carried out through the “Company” are governed by International and European law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce, as well as by the Consumer Protection Law (Law 2251/1994) which regulates issues related to distance sales.

  1. Sending your order means that:
  2. You have read and understood the terms of this document and accept them unconditionally.
  3. b) The products sent are intended for your own consumption or for the person’s own consumption and their further promotion and resale is prohibited. 
  4. c) It is your obligation to provide your personal data accurately.
  5. d) You are the legal owner of the credit/debit card you are using for your transaction (in case it belongs to someone else, you have their consent for the transaction) and that the credit/debit card has not been cancelled or prohibited in any way.
  6. e) The email address you use belongs to you and is accurate and active.
  7. f) Maintaining the confidentiality of your password is your sole responsibility, and you will not allow anyone else to use it.
  8. g) The Company reserves the right not to accept your order.
  9. h) Keep the website secure from viruses.
  10. i) Your connection to the company is at your own risk regarding any damage to your computer and its software (from viruses), and you assume this risk entirely.
  11. j) You shall indemnify the Company in full (representatives, employees and partners) for any damage resulting from your breach of this agreement.
  12. k) Responsibility of the Company for any matter arising hereunder is limited solely to the price of your order, and you waive any claim for any excess damages.


Complaints Policy

The Company’s goal is to provide the best customer service. As part of our continuous improvement, we allow you to contact us at the following e-mail address.: info@tastethelocalcrete.gr for the submission of any complaints and comments at the time of the conclusion of the contract.


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